Physical Activity Disclaimer

For most individuals, the physical activity involved in the course should not pose a threat to your health. However, for a small number of individuals, the physical skill demonstrations required by the Canadian Red Cross courses may be strenuous. We strongly recommend that you do not participate in the skills portion of the course until you consult a physician if you have a history of/are:

  • heart attack
  • heart conditions
  • respiratory problems
  • physical disabilities
  • pregnant,
  • or have muscle, bone, or joint injuries

If you are unsure as to whether or not you should participate in your scheduled course, please call us directly. If you wish to remain in the course but cannot physically perform all of the skills required by the Canadian Red Cross you will receive a participation card instead of a wallet certification card.


Participation & Behaviours Disclaimer

To ensure that everyone enjoys learning, we ask that all participants come prepared to the course. Where comfortable clothing as the course does require some activities such as sitting, rolling and lying down on the ground; kneeling and compressing manikins; working with partners/groups, contact activities such as bandaging wounds, and practicing skills (i.e., fake back blows to someone who is choking).


We expect all participants to learn and thrive in a safe environment. Disrespectful and unsafe behaviours will not be tolerated. This includes but not limited to:

  • swearing, cursing,
  • excessive arguing with instructors, staff, and/or other students
  • intimidation, issuing threats, ultimatums,
  • derogatory, racist, homophobic remarks
  • physically/sexually abuse
  • taking phone call or texting during the course
  • refusal to learn or lack of effort to participation in the course
  • disrupting the course
  • sleeping during the course,
  • not paying attention
  • coming back late or taking excessive time during breaks / lunches
  • unsafe/dangerous behaviours
  • attending a course when you are sick or unwell
  • attending the course under the influence

Individual(s) who do not comply will not be able to enter the course or will be asked to leave the course immediately without a refund.



We expect individuals to arrive on time for courses. Arriving at least 10 to 15 minutes before a course will ensure that you have enough time to register and receive all your course materials. During the pandemic there you may have to wait a while registering to avoid crowding. We usually allow people after validating their screening form into the course 5 minutes before. Individuals that are late 20 minutes or more to a course will not be permitted to the course as it requires 100% participation


For questions regarding our course code of conduct feel free to email us.

Updated Last on May 20, 2021