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Whether you are a parent to be or an experience grandparent, this course will help to prepare you to know what to do if your little one was choking, or has a wound? The course will guide you and prepare with the skills and knowledge on what to do in an emergency.

Learn how to identify and respond in an emergency to keep your baby and child safe. In this 3.5hr course you will learn how to perform infant and child CPR and how to deal with choking emergencies. You will also learn about how to deal with common first aid medical and emergencies child safety.

At the end of the course all individuals will receive a certificate of participation. This course is for knowledge and skill based learning. If you require certification for education or work purposes, please take one of our CPR or First Aid courses.

Course Content

Infant and Child CPR
Infant and Child Choking
Breathing Emergencies: Allergies & Anaphylactic Shock
Wound Care: Burns, Cuts and Scraps
Water, Poisons, & Environment Safety
Infections and Illnesses
Head Illnesses & Injuries: Febrile Seizure, Shaken Baby Syndrome and Concussion
SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), and
Car Seat Safety


At the end of the course all individuals will receive a certificate of participation.

This is the perfect course for expecting and new parents, expert parents, family members, nannies and babysitters, or any individual who wants knowledge about how to be prepared when it comes to baby and child safety.