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What is a blended learning first aid course?

Blended learning is a combination of online learning and in-class learning. Typically, theory and information are conveyed to participants outside of the classroom through an online component. This allows for the in-class component to concentrate on skill development and the application of theory.

How does it work ?

Depending on which course you are taking, the online portion can range from 4 to 8 hours. The Red Cross First Aid online portion is self-paced. This means you can pause and continue as you need to.

The online portion is operated by the Candiaian Red Cross.

Individuals must complete the online portion at least 6 weeks prior to the in-person course. You must bring proof of completion of completion of online portion and show it to our instructor at Save My Breath. (printed or digital-emailed).

Individuals who have not completed the online portion prior to arriving to the in-person course will not be allow attend the in-person course. No refunds or transfer will be provided for any individual who does not complete the online portion prior to the in-person course.

Please see our Refund, Transfer & Cancellation Policy


How do I register?

You must register for in person course that you would like to attend. Once you register you will be sent a confirmation email that we have received your registration.

We will sign you up for the online portion with the Canadian Red Cross. If you already have a Red Cross account, please use the same email to register with Save My Breath.

You must sign up/log in on the myrc.redcross.ca website.

You will select your online courses and begin your online course.