We take infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) seriously

We always take the following measure to ensure that when you learn that everyone safety comes first.

  • All contact areas at our office are cleaned and disinfected daily after each class.
  • All manikins and equipment are cleaned and disinfected between courses
  • All learners are required to bring to bring and use a CPR pocket mask to give breaths on manikins. If a learner does not have a CPR pocket mask, they can purchase one from us.
  • All learners are provided gloves to uses for handling equipment and manikins
  • All learners are given their own manikins for courses that require any type of rescue breathing, so they don’t have to share.
  • For course where learner must work together, they will use proper PPE and not provide any breath on manikins (simulation based)
  • All books can be purchased no sharing (unless stated included in course). Some of our course books  from blended learning courses are available to download so that individuals can use on their devices during the course. Books that are borrowed in the courses are provided in a format that can be disinfected.
  • We offer small class sizes which help with learning, social distancing, and infection control
  • We have sanitizer pumps that individuals can use to disinfect their hands. There is also on site facility for hand washing.
  • We do not allow individuals who are sick to attend courses. Individual’s who come to the course knowing that they are sick will be as to leave the course with no transfer or refund.
  • We are continuing to ask all individuals to wear a mask to our courses (not cloth mask). If you do not have one a mask can be purchase from our us.
Anyone who is not able to pass screening or wear a mask will not be permitted to the class and will be asked to reschedule.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Last updated December 19, 2022